AL System / Aluminium Modular System (AMS)

AMS is a basic element for a construction of a variety of special dedicated machines and equipment. We offer profiles that are fully compatible with Bosch and Item systems. The basis of the system are accurate anodized aluminum profiles with longitudinal grooves and holes for mounting fasteners. We also supply a wide range of accessories. The surfaces are corrosion and scratch resistant. The system concept offers great flexibility, high precision and solidity. It also enables quick adjustability and a reusability of the components of the system. Based on your specifications we prepare the price quotation and terms of sale. We can also provide the design and the final assembly.

AMS is suitable for the utilization in ESD standards.

Provided services:

  • Supply of profiles in required lengths
  • Hole drilling
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Construction of simple aluminium units according to your documentation.
  • KLT slides, work and inspection tables, carts, etc.
  • Design and assembly


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