KLT Container Washing -  Industrial Washing Machine 

Our focus is on the most perfect drying of containers after the washing process.

Types of contaminations:

  • Dust
  • Residues of oils and fats
  • Plastic and metal shavings
  • Soil
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Container washing using modern technology:

We use a continuous, tailor-designed, washing machine BB system, equipped with two washing and two drying modules with a capacity of 400 KLT crates per hour. We wash with ecological detergents and recycle both the washing solution and the heat waste for minimal environmental impact. The dimension of the wash tunnel inlet is 500x600 mm and fits most standard containers and crates.

Related services:

  • Transportation from and to the customer, from one pallet to a full truck.
  • Packagings records.
  • Sorting of containers according to the type of the contamination (from a simple rinse to multiple washing).
  • Hand prewash of containers.
  • Manual removal of labels and stickers.
  • Hand wash of oversized or atypical containers, boxes and crates.
  • Palletization according to packing instructions, foliation and banding.
  • Warehousing
  • Sorting and following dispatch of washed and dry containers to your suppliers / customers.
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Price quotation:

Price quotation will be determined based on the individual specifications and a washing test samples, which we provide free of charge. The final calculation also contains photographic documentation of samples before and after the washing.

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